Testing Equipments
  1. Programmable Automatic 3 Phase Numerical Relay Test Kit
  2. Single Phase Automatic / Manual Relay Test Kit
  3. Automatic HV capacitance & TANDELTA Kit to Test Power Transformer, Generator, CT & PT
  4. Contact Resistance Measurement (Micro ohm meter) with 100 ADC Source
  5. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter with 10ADC Source
  6. Transformer Turn Ratio Meter / Oil Test Kit
  7. Transformer Oil  Filtration machine and BDV Test kit
  8. Primary Current Injection Test Kit up to 2000A for CT Ratio Test
  9. 3 Pole / 1 Pole time interval Meters for  Circuit Breaker Timing Test
  10. Battery / Operated Digital Insulation Resistance Tester upto 10 KV
  11. Battery Operated Digital Soil Resistivity Test Kit
  12. 3 Phase Energy Meter Test Kit for Energy Meter Testing
  13. On Line Energy Meter Calibrator
  14. On Line Power analyzer to Check LV / MV System Load Details
  15. 60 KVAC / 70 KVDC Hi Voltage Test Kit for Testing of HV Panels / Cables upto 33KV System
  16. Digital Multi meters & AC/DC Clamp on Ammeters
  17. Static Phase Shifter
  18. SFRA –Sweep Frequency Response Analyser to test the Power Transformer
  19. LCR Meter
  20. Kelvin’s Double Bridge
  21. Distance Relay Test Kit Type ZFB of AREVA Make
  22. DC Power Source
  23. Phase Sequence Indicator
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